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Toilet & Sewer 

Toilet Services 

Common Problems that Plumb Life provides expert repairs for: 
- Toilet Run Constantly 
- Toilet Leaks 
- Toilet handle is loose or stuck 
- Toilet is clogged 
- Tank doesn't fill up 
- Toilets flushes on its own 
- Toilet is making a strange sound
For all urgent and non-urgent problems, you can trust Plumb Life will be there to fix the problem. 

Sewer Services 

We offer drain and sewer services such as drain cleaning, sewer line repair, and sewer line installation. These services might be needed if any of the following symptoms are present; your drains are gurgling, a foul smell from your drains, water backing into your shower, toilet, or sinks, water is pooling in your yard, an extra-green patch of grass in your yard, you found mold, drains are slower than normal, and your water bill is higher unexpectedly. The moment you notice any of these symptoms, call Plumb Life and we can assess the situation and determine the best course of action. 
The best way to prevent any of the problems stated above would be to take good care of your drains. don't flush anything other than toilet paper down your toilets, do not plant trees or bushes near your sewer line, avoid poring food scraps, oil, fat, and grease down your kitchen sink, and schedule a regular drain cleaning with one of our professionals. 
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